Free eBook: Achieve the “gold standard” as a green builder – Earn an ANSI-accredited Credential

ANSI-accredited personnel credentials require the highest standards for credentials and the organizations that issue them.

This free eBook shares practical knowledge about the differences between an ANSI-accredited certification and an ANSI-accredited certificate program. Green Advantage offers both types of credentials.

  • What is ANSI and why it’s the “gold standard”. Learn how ANSI functions, its tie to the Organization for International Standards, and how it ensures compliance with its rigorous requirements.
  • Features of certification vs. a certificate program. Understand some of the contrasts between a certification program and a certificate program.
  • Green Advantage certifications and its certificate program. Apply knowledge about ANSI-accreditation to the the three credentials offered by Green Advantage.

The eBook explains: