Call for Nominations for the International Green Builder Certification Board for the U.S. and Canada

Please Submit Nominations by October 31, 2021

Because of the enhanced emphasis on disaster recovery in this year’s planned update of the ANSI-accredited  GACA and GACP Certifications, the Green Advantage Board of Directors seeks nominations for the International Green Builder Certification Board (see volunteer job description below). Nominees should have proven expertise in the disaster recovery arena as it relates to construction personnel.

Optimally nominees can also represent organizations that have relationships with governmental jurisdictions (local, state/province, and federal levels) and/or be employed by governments. In this way current and newly appointed Certification Board members can help shape the certifications to be useful public protection tools that:

  • Advance high performance, healthy and adaptive construction in preparation for and in the wake of disasters
  • Prevent fraud, worker abuse and wage theft through certification suspension or revocation
  • Provide a public listing of certified personnel
  • Promote rebuilding of local economies negatively affected by disaster through utilization of local construction personnel.

Please list nominee information in the table below and submit by October 31, 2021

    Name of Nominee

    Nominee’s Affiliation 

    Nominee’s Expertise, e.g. green building, disaster recovery

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    International Green Builder Certification Board Member Volunteer Job Description

    Summary Statement

    This position is pivotal to ensure the quality of credential standards that form the basis for Green Advantage Certification exams. The Certification Board ensures the integrity, impartiality, and fairness of the Standards documented in the Green Advantage Compendium.    


    Certification Board Members:

    • Establish Green Advantage Exam content standards through approval of the Compendium. This duty includes attendance of the triennial National Green Advantage Summit with follow-up activity over the course of interim years. The total commitment requires approximately 30 hours;
    • Approve an updated edition(s) of the Compendium as needed, requiring a minimum of 12 hours annually;
    • May get involved in subcommittees; which involve additional hours, e.g. serve as a Subject Matter Expert to evaluate and approve GA exam items; serve as a member of a specialty Standards Integration Panel to assure conformance of specialty body of knowledge documented in the Compendium, with green building practices, technologies, and materials; 
    • Participate in training in the basic principles of psychometric compliance for GA exams;
    • Oversee and resolve conflicting inputs from Green Advantage stakeholders in the Standards development process; and 
    • Approve Green Advantage Certification Requisites & Exam Specifications. 


    Certification Board Membership is for a three year period, with terms deliberately staggered in order to maintain continuity of leadership. Successive three year terms are permitted.


    Service on the Board is on a volunteer basis. Limited reimbursements are available for travel expenses related to meetings.


    A Certification Board Member is appointed by the Green Advantage, Inc. Board of Directors. The Certification Board is comprised of academicians, policy makers, and green building experts.

    The Green Advantage, Inc. Board reserves the right to terminate a Certification Board Member’s tenure at any time.

    Conflict of Interest

    It is important that Certification Board Members have no conflicts of interest that adversely impact their service to Green Advantage. Each Certification Board member signs an agreement with Green Advantage pledging the integrity of their Certification Board work.