Construction Certification


Free eBook: Gain recognition and sharpen your green building competencies through certification

In a competitive job market, an ANSI-accredited green builder certification can make a tremendous difference. 

As a resume builder, a signifier after your name, or a way to build your profile, the GACP – for supervisory personnel – or the GACA – for field personnel can help you land a job or improve your promotion prospects. 

But most importantly, you can demonstrate your state-of-the-art knowledge, skills and abilities about how to deliver high performance, healthy buildings by earning one or both of these valuable credentials.

This free, illustrated  e-book shares some of the leading green building best practices that can help you distinguish yourself among your peers and in the marketplace. 

And since what you learn comes from the GACP or GACA Study Guide the e-book can help prepare you to gain one or both of these valuable certifications.

  • Ensure quality delivery. Delivering high performance, healthy buildings requires attention to detail while working in a cost effective manner. Become familiar with some of the leading best practices that can help your workforce achieve this ambitious goal.
  • Avoid mistakes and callbacks. Working as a five-star green construction team requires knowledge across trades. Discover some of the ways you and your crew can minimize costly mistakes. 
  • Lower your risks. Research shows that some green building approaches are more hazardous than expected. Learn best practices to reduce these risks.
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