Andy Bordick

Andy Bordick is Head of Quality Assurance and Certification Programs at Schuco USA in Newington, Connecticut. He uses firsthand experience to train employees of manufacturing businesses to prevent injuries, increase productivity and save money.

After years of military training and flights as a naval pilot, Human Factors training became his area of expertise not only during his time as a pilot, but later and throughout Andy’s career working for one of the top 3 leaders in the Turbine Engine Industry – Pratt & Whitney.

Andy is an experienced leader with the creative problem solving skills of an architect, the discipline and team focus of a veteran Lt. Commander, and the business savvy of an enterprise manager. His background and training is diverse with a common clear path to applying perspective, precision and problem solving to whatever task or role he takes on.

Businesses in the Industry areas of Aviation, Manufacturing, Repair and Overhaul and the Military now hire Andy as a consultant to share his insight, and train staff and employees on meeting requirements for Federal Regulation Part 145. He uses his 18 years of leadership and expertise in the field of Human Factors Instruction along with his strong mentoring and instructional skills to train supervisors and engage employees helping to ensure full adherence to Part 145 Standards. Andy has proven results from small-scale team projects to total enterprise challenges.