Chris Rotenberry

Christopher Rotenberry is Staff Engineer, Security Engineering Group, at Applied Research Associates, Inc. He has worked as a security and structural engineer for over 9 years experience in the areas of dynamic and static structural analysis and explosive weapons effects.

Since joining ARA in 2005, he has held key roles in the development of the commercial blast mitigating window and curtain wall business area. With an earned bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and a master’s degree in civil engineering, both from Mississippi State University, Chris has a diverse set of specialized project experiences, including:

  • performing blast and wind load design analyses for over 100 glazed aluminum and steel window and curtain wall projects
  • analyzing and designing blast resistant windows, curtain walls, storefront systems, and doors to meet the requirements set forth by the GSA, DoD, VA, and other government agencies
  • working with some of the largest U.S. commercial aluminum and steel window vendors to design new window systems and develop modifications to existing systems to meet various blast and wind design criteria
  • developing solutions to complex window design problems utilizing non-linear Finite Element Analysis software
  • developing 3-dimensional building models for use in complex structural analyses and damage prediction for buildings exposed to blast loads
  • co-Authoring the paper titled “Glazed System Cost Comparison using Dynamic and Static Equivalent Design Methodologies for UFC Blast Applications”, presented at the 2014 GlassCon Global conference.

Chris was awarded the Technical Achievement Award from Applied Research Associates in 2013 for his work in “Development of Structural Mitigation Options for the HIPPO JCTD”.