Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (PCRA) Certificate Program Gains ANSI Accreditation: A Valuable Credential for Healthcare Construction Personnel

Green Advantage and Green Path Technical Institute, a training organization, have partnered to help meet the demand for qualified healthcare facility construction workers with a two-day PCRA Certificate Program approved by highly qualified Subject Matter Experts.Green Advantage has achieved accreditation under ANSI/ASTM E2659-09 for its Pre-construction Risk Assessment (PCRA) Certificate Program. This American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accreditation is recognized nationally and internationally. The accreditation ensures that this state-of-the-art credential for healthcare construction workers meets rigorous quality standards for both the PCRA Certificate Program and Green Advantage as a credentialing organization.

It is no surprise that construction, renovation, repair and maintenance activities at healthcare facilities can potentially affect patients, staff, construction workers, and the general public. Air quality, infection control, utility requirements, noise, vibration and other hazards are all cause for concern.

But you might not be aware of the impact of these hazards. For example, healthcare associated infections (HAIs) can be contracted from stays in virtually any type of healthcare facility – hospitals, emergency care centers, surgical centers, and nursing homes. More than 200 Americans die each day from HAIs during their hospital stay. This is about twice the number of Americans who die each day in motor vehicle accidents. Construction and renovation activities rank as a significant source of HAIs.

To mitigate HAIs and other potential risks, for licensing purposes, healthcare facilities are required to have a Pre-construction Risk Assessment (PCRA) process established. The PCRA is used for any demolition, construction or renovation. It is a formal protocol used to identify these potential risks and create mitigation strategies to reduce or eliminate them.
To help construction workers become familiar with the means, methods, materials and best practices associated with healthcare facility risk assessment and basic infection control, Green Advantage partnered with Green Path Technical Institute to launch a PCRA Certificate Program. The two day training concludes with an exam. Candidates who attend the training and pass the exam are awarded a certificate. The ANSI accredited PCRA Certificate Program is now open to the public. To learn more about the PCRA Certificate Program and register, click here.

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