Green Advantage, as a certifying body, does not offer, endorse or authorize trainings. Green Advantage encourages academic and professional organizations that wish to train Green Advantage Exam certification candidates to study the Green Advantage (EXAM SPECIFIC) Study Guide to prepare curricula and to deliver training.

Although training is not required in order to sit for any Green Advantage certification exam, Green Advantage recommends that:

  •  certification candidates take training prior to sitting for any Green Advantage certification exams
  •  anyone preparing curricula or training for exam candidates attain the Green Advantage certification associated with the training.

Organizations Providing Training or Curriculum Materials for Green Advantage® Certification Exams Who Have Asked to be Listed on this Webpage 

    * Green Path Corp
    * O'Brien & Company
    * Sustainable Design Consulting
    * University of Florida

Green Path Corporation
Trainings offered:  GA Certified Practitioner

(or Certification renewal)

The goal of the training is to provide an understanding of the core concepts and principles behind green construction and show how to integrate green practices, materials and strategies. With this training you will be more likely to pass the Green Advantage Certification exam and become knowledgeable about the LEED® rating system and other green building systems, as they apply to construction.  The certificate of completion will also serve as preparation for taking the LEED Exam, if so desired. 

This training is excellent for home builders and contractors who want to be able to capture a share of the growing ‘green building’ market.

For more information, contact:
John Decina


O'Brien & Company
Trainings offered:  GA Certified Practitioner & GA Certified Associate

O’Brien & Company is a nationally-recognized consulting firm committed to the creation of a sustainable built environment. For over a decade we have designed and delivered green building education courses to give professionals the tools and knowledge to excel in a variety of roles. We bring over 20 years of hands-on experience consulting directly on innovative projects to every educational course we deliver.

Our GA Certified Practitioner and GA Certified Associate Exam Prep Courses include the information you need to pass the exam, and apply the concepts tested to your projects in meaningful ways. Credentialed instructors with a wealth of field experience deliver each course, which covers core concepts, practical application, and information and tips for passing the exam. A variety of learning formats and additional study resources such as flashcards, practice quizzes, study tips, and test taking strategies to  help make the information ‘stick’ for the exam, and beyond.

For more information, visit our website: 
Or contact Elly Bunzendahl at 206-621-8626 x102


Sustainable Design
Trainings offered:  GA Certified Practitioner & GA Certified Associate

Sustainable Design Consulting offers the Green Advantage course to those interested in developing their skills within the sustainable design industry.  Our core business of project management and training within the green building industry allows us to offer practical examples of its importance.  The training we offer has four goals:  to understand and enforce the core concepts and construction principles behind sustainable buildings, integrate green practices and strategies into construction processes which will lighten the impact on the environment, become knowledgeable enough about the LEED rating system as it applies to construction to be an active partner with design professionals, and to become thoroughly prepared for the Green Advantage Certified through a 90-minute test that will be taken at the end of the course, if the certification path is chosen.

For more information, contact
Dell Rasley, Training Coordinator
804-644-3880 ext 1112


University of Florida
Trainings offered: GA Certified Practitioner

The University of Florida has pioneered the development of Green Advantage and was responsible for its initial launch in Florida. The University of Florida has offered on and off campus workshops throughout Florida that have been used in preparation for the Green Advantage Exam.

For more information, visit University of Florida's website
Or contact Craig Miller
Tel: 352-392-5684