Your help is requested in updating green construction personnel standards that are critical to the industry in the US and Canada.This request is in partial compliance with ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 credentialing that require Green Advantage to regularly update the green builder standards for its Green Advantage Certified Practitioner Certification (GACP). Your responses will also be used to update a subset of the GACP standards that make-up the standards for the Green Advantage Certified Associate (GACA). Click here for further details about GACP and GACA.

Specifically, Green Advantage is requesting information that is particular to green builders:

1) Any written inputs (research, pertinent articles, written guidelines, etc.) you might email to us related to improving the standards that are relevant to green builders across construction trades.

We are interested in:

  • Identifying state-of-the-art means, methods, materials, and best practices about which green builders should have demonstrated competencies
  • identifying and promoting health and safety practices that impact green builders
  • improving disaster resistance/prevention/resilience in construction
  • ensuring building security and ballistic protection in buildings
  • preventing delayed project delivery and cost overruns
  • reducing insurance and financial claims from building performance failures

2) Job descriptions of construction personnel that you are willing to share.

Please send your response to, with "Updates to GACP and GACA" in the subject line.