Alexander (Alec) H. Hay

Founding Principal of Southern Harbour Ltd, based in Toronto, Alec was previously the Resilience & Security leader at DIALOG, before which he served 25 years in the British Army. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, the Royal School of Military Engineering and the University of Toronto, he specialised over the last 30+ years in fortifications and infrastructure development, which he practised around the World variously as client, consultant and contractor. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, licensed in UK, Europe, Alberta and Ontario, Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Royal Engineers, and Canadian Risk Manager. A director of Rethink Sustainability Initiative and the BOMA Toronto lead for developing operational resilience guidance for commercial properties, he has a keen interest in the development of professional competency and engineering education. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure, where he focuses on operational risks and resilience of complex infrastructure systems and their socioeconomic influence. He speaks internationally on infrastructure risk and resilience, is author of numerous books, articles and research papers and is a Principal and reviewer of the international Register of Security Engineers and Specialists.