Reinstate your Certification without Testing — Act Soon! Fees go up April 1, 2020


If you earned an ANSI-accredited GACA or GACP**, but let your certification lapse, there are two choices you have to reinstate: 1) take and pass the most current GACA or GACP exam, click here to register, or 2) take and submit approved courses to reinstate your certification by following the steps below. If you want to take the most current GACA or GACP exam, click here to register. If you want to reinstate through course submissions, read the next paragraph and then follow the steps below.

Reinstatement requires submission of approved green builder course hours associated with the lapsed period, payment of the CMP fee(s), and payment of a reinstatement fee. Note: there is no reinstatement fee for reinstatement submissions made prior to April 1, 2020.

How to Submit Courses for Reinstatement

  1. Log-in to your dashboard and click on reinstatement.
  2. Follow the directions to complete a reinstatement application listing the CE hours documentation associated with the period of time that your certification has lapsed.
    1. For example, if your GACP were awarded January 5, 2013 and lapsed January 5, 2018, you can reinstate by January 4, 2023 by earning and submitting at least 30 approved CE hours.
  3. Make payment for the time period or periods you’ve missed. Click here to see the fee schedule.
    1. As a time-limited benefit, certificants whose ANSI-accredited GACP or GACA certifications have lapsed have until March 31, 2020 to reinstate their certification by submitting required Certification Reinstatement information and paying the Certification Renewal Fee of $175 USD (current charge for lapsed certifications). No additional Reinstatement Fee will be charged.
    2. Beginning April 1, 2020, a $200 USD Reinstatement Fee will be charged and Certification Renewal Fees for lapsed certifications will be raised to $250 USD per 5-year cycle.

*Exam Registration, Certification Maintenance Program and Reinstatement requirements and associated fees are subject to change at any time by Green Advantage.

**ANSI accreditation of the GACP Certification began on 12/12/12. ANSI accreditation of the GACA Certification began on 2/1/16.

Important Note: CMP fee payment can only be made once at least 20 continuing education hours have been submitted for the GACA CMP or at least 30 continuing education hours have been submitted for the GACP CMP. For lapsed ANSI-accredited credentials, credit will not be granted for Reinstatement and CMP continuing education hours submitted until full payment is made.