If you do not know how to build green, then the hirers on projects are not going to take the time to teach you. That is why GA certification can be such an advantage.”

Robert Stockham, LEED AP, Principal
Great Lakes Design Collaborative

GA Certification Gets You Ahead

Green Advantage certification distinguishes you as a knowledgeable green builder ready to meet the most demanding project goals.  And with building owners and occupants wanting healthier, more energy efficient, and environmentally friendly buildings, the demand for certified green building personnel is greater than ever.

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Get GA certified to:

  • Distinguish yourself to get jobs and get ahead
  • Boost the quality of your work
  • Stay healthy and safe on the job
  • Build a more sustainable world

The PCRA/ICRA Certificate Program Credentials Construction & Maintenance Personnel on U.S. Healthcare Projects

You may also be interested in the Green Advantage Pre-Construction Risk Assessment/Infection Control Risk Assessment (PCRA/ICRA) Certificate Program. For more information about how to use this credential to prepare and qualify yourself to work on healthcare facility projects, click here.

Factoid: A McGraw Hill Construction study found that 71% of hiring decision makers said that being green certified increases (workers’) competitiveness. (Read the full article)