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Gain the Industry’s Leading Healthcare Construction & Maintenance Personnel Credential

Pre-Construction Risk Assessment/Infection Control Risk Assessment (PCRA/ICRA) Certificate Program

PCRA/ICRA Certificate Program Benefits

  • Demonstrating expertise in bidding: By your team members’ earning the PCRA/ICRA credential, you demonstrate your company’s knowledge and expertise in pre- construction risk assessment and infection control risk assessment, which can make your company a more attractive to clients.
  • Meeting industry standards: The PCRA/ICRA credential is recognized by many organizations and companies in the construction industry. Your team members having it can demonstrate that your company has qualified personnel who are familiar with pre- construction risk assessment and infection control risk assessment best practices.
  • Competitive advantage: The PCRA/ICRA credential gives your company a competitive advantage over others who may not have their team members credentialed. This makes your company more desirable for hospital, assisted living, and nursing home construction projects.

The PCRA/ICRA Certificate Program Features

● State-of-the-Art Healthcare Construction Best Practices
● Self-Paced, Online 12-Hour Training
● Remotely Proctored Exam, or Proctored at Your Company
● Credential Valid for 5 Years
● Competitively Priced/Bulk Purchase Discounts
● Built to International Standards

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