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The case for high performance, healthy buildings has never been more compelling.

The urgency we see at COP28 meetings in Dubai, the DoD’s National Security Report on Climate Change, the Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change, the Lancet Countdown Report on Health and Climate Change on the “medical emergency” resulting from climate change all share one concept. We, everyone on the planet, must move rapidly toward sustainable human activity to assure our species has a future.

Because of its profound impacts on the environment and human health, transforming the built environment is an essential step toward achieving sustainability.

The catalyst to powering that transformation is the people who build our buildings. 

This is where Green Advantage can play a key role: ensuring that those who own, manager or occupy a building are actually getting what the design intends.

By credentialing those in the building industry in high performance, healthy building best practices, we are prompting this important change toward a more sustainable future. (To learn more about the three credentials Green Advantage offers, click here).

But the staff, volunteers, and Green Advantage credentialed workers can’t transform an industry alone. 

Your help is needed. The pandemic has impacted everyone, Green Advantage is no exception. Please consider a generous contribution today to maintain our work. Green Advantage is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization, so your gift may be tax deductible.

Dean Rodeheaver, PhD
Chair of the Board
Green Advantage, Inc.