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Why Us?

Green Advantage ensures that builders are prepared to construct high quality, state-of-the-art buildings. All 4 green constructor-focused personnel credentials offered by Green Advantage meet the “gold standard” of ANSI accreditation – two certifications for construction field personnel across trades, a curtainwall installer certification and a pre-construction risk assessment certificate program for health care constructors. Learn More.

A pilot study by the University of Florida found that projects utilizing larger percentages of Green Advantage certified workers* are more likely to spot problems that would affect green building performance, identify cost cutting opportunities, and increase the prospects of attaining LEED Certification at, or higher than, the level sought. (*30%+ of key supervisory personnel). Learn More.

Green Advantage-credentialed construction personnel have demonstrated their ability to deliver building projects that meet today’s high performance, healthy building requirements. Reach your green building goals, earn a LEED credit, identify cost-cutting opportunities, reduce risk, attract knowledgeable field personnel, and do your part to create a more sustainable world. – prefer or require Green Advantage, ANSI accredited personnel. Learn More.