Chuck Miccolis

Chuck Miccolis joined the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) in October 2010, and provides engineering and technical support for commercial building-related hazard mitigation initiatives as its Senior Engineering Manager, Commercial Lines. Among other responsibilities, Chuck is the lead engineer for the FORTIFIED for Safer Business™; FORTIFIED Commercial: Hurricane™; and FORTIFIED Commercial High Wind & Hail™ standards, the Institute’s voluntary code-plus commercial construction standards that focuses on building resiliency and reducing property loss.  Chuck works with IBHS colleagues, member companies, and industry trade organizations on program development, mitigation, field research, and testing at the IBHS Research Center.


Chuck has been in the commercial property insurance business for over 25 years. Prior to coming to IBHS, he worked for FM Global and XL Insurance, with an expertise in evaluating large facilities for natural and man-made hazards. One of his primary responsibilities was identifying and quantifying site-specific building envelope deficiencies and vulnerabilities to hurricanes, storm surge, inland flood, and other high-impact weather events and providing prioritized mitigation solutions.  Chuck assisted clients by guiding them through short- and long-term “hardening projects.”


Over the years, Chuck also served as wind team technical specialist, senior loss prevention specialist, and senior commercial property appraiser.  He created and prioritized Highly Protected Risk (HPR) mitigation recommendations and quantifiable loss scenarios for a variety of risks; improved and developed facility emergency preparedness and response plans that addressed protection of physical assets including the building envelope; reduced potential business interruption for clients by identifying and quantifying their various time element exposures; and worked with risk management, facility management, architects, contractors, and insurance teams and brokers by providing technical expertise and engineering consultant services.  Chuck also volunteered as co-coordinator and sector team leader for the Greater Tampa Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of South Florida.