Ian Heckman

Ian Heckman has been in the green building community for 25 plus years. He has been on numerous residential and commercial projects utilizing green and alternative building techniques such as: Rammed earth, Recycled materials, Passive solar, conventional solar, OVE framing, live roofs and other alternative methods and materials. He has been involved with Green Advantage since 2005 assisting in vocabulary creation, content articles and has trained candidates for the G.A. exam. In 2020 joined the Board. Ian is a LEED AP and has consulted on several LEED projects over the years. He has obtained his Pre-construction Risk Assessment/Infection Control Risk Assessment (PCRA/ICRA) credential 2 times through Green Advantage and regularly advises other contractors on best practices for the use of PCRA/ICRA. Ian has 30 plus years experience in the construction industry – commercial, medical, residential, and institutional – working both in the field and as a construction manager and always striving to be environmentally responsible.