Jim Touey*

Department of Labor OSHA Region III Labor Liaison 2010 – 2015

As the OSHA Region III Labor Liaison Mr. Touey is a facilitator between OSHA Region III and their stakeholders. Represents OSHA’s Region III as a contact for OSHA’s Regional Office staff and at meetings of employer organizations, trade associations, labor organizations as well as community and faith based organizations. Works closely with various Region Building Trades Safety Councils and others and continues to established relationships with organized labor throughout OSHA’s Region III jurisdiction (PA, WV, MD, VA DE, and District of Columbia).    Responsible for developing and  maintaining liaison to promote Agency program objectives, provide information, resolve complaints, and relate the views of these parties to the Deputy Regional Administrator, Area Directors and other regional officials. Plans, coordinates, implements and maintains Regional outreach program designed to encourage workers and their representatives to actively participate in occupational safety and health issues. Mr. Touey Evaluates the effectiveness of OSHA programs as they relate to labor unions, organized and unorganized workers, day laborer organizations, interfaith worker centers and coalitions, COSH groups, and victims and families of victims of serious workplace safety and health incidents.