Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith has over 38 years experience in the Sheet Metal Field.  He completed his Sheet Metal Apprenticeship in 1978.  Over those years he has worked for Hemmingers, Independent Sheet Metal and Peters & Smith.  While working for these companies he completed both new and renovation projects for Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Schools, Automobile Plants, Industrial Plants, Office Buildings, Condo and Townhouse Complexes, Food Plants.  During his time as Sheet Metal Worker, Pat has also worked in Sheet Metal [[{“fid”:”2248″,”view_mode”:”inset_left_small”,”fields”:{“format”:”inset_left_small”,”field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]”:”Patrick Smith”,”field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]”:””},”type”:”media”,”attributes”:{“alt”:”Patrick Smith”,”height”:”490″,”width”:”523″,”class”:”media-element file-inset-left-small”}}]]Shops, the Drafting Department and even served as a Field Foreman on several jobsites.  

In 2007 Pat shifted gears to become a part of the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 25 Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee Team.  He became the Local 25 Apprentice Instructor teaching approximately 60 apprentices/students every six months in various aspects of Sheet Metal and HVAC.  It has been a very rewarding process for him with the ability to help shape the future of the industry in our upcoming members.

He has completed training courses in Indoor Air Quality, Testing & Balancing, Energy Management, HVAC Service, Welding, ICRA, LEED for New Construction, OSHA – 30 and LEED Green Associate.  In 2012 Pat became certified in LEED.

In 2014 he became part of the driving force to start the Local 25 Training Facility on a more Greener Path installing more eco-friendly lighting in the shop and classrooms, including motion lighting to cut down on unneeded waste of energy.  In addition to the lighting he installed specialty ceiling fans in the shop to utilize less heating and air conditioning.