Quincy Alexander

For the better part of a decade, Quincy G. Alexander has worked in the areas of dynamic structural analysis and explosive weapons effects.  Quincy recently accepted a position with the Army Corps of Engineers. Prior to this engagement he was employed by Applied Research Associates. With ARA he has held key roles in the development of the commercial blast-mitigating window and curtain wall business area. These involved work with architectural firms to develop project specific blast design requirements, including conceptual window and wall components and specification development for government occupied facilities, and he has worked with several of the largest commercial window vendors to develop project-specific window design requirements, develop new window systems, and develop modifications to existing systems to meet various blast and wind design criteria. He has also coordinated, planned, and supervised full-scale arena test for blast-mitigating products, including pre-test calculations and post-test documentation. Quincy has presented on blast topics at National conferences and co-authored the blast resistant glazing section of the “Protective Glazing Manual” developed by the Protective Glazing Council International.

Quincy’s awards and achievements include the Technical Achievement Award, ARA in 2013; Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, ARA 2011; Young Engineer/Scientist of the Year, ARA-Security Engineering and Applied Science Sector in 2009; and Louisiana Tech University Civil Engineering Outstanding Senior in 2006.