Tina Dortch, Secretary

Tina is best described as a Public Administrator/Business Developer. A student of the K- 12 Detroit Public School system, she completed her higher education within the Big Ten, obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a master’s degree from The Ohio State University. Between the two degrees, Tina joined the staff of US Senator Carl Levin. Returning to Detroit a Robert Millender Fellow, she worked as a planner with Southeast Michigan Council of Governments. She next accepted an offer from the Wayne County Department of Community and Economic Development to manage a federally funded housing program and contribute to its consolidated action planning. She simultaneously served on Detroit’s zoning board, presiding over such cases as the dual stadia that reshaped downtown. In 1999, she accepted an appointment to the Dennis Archer mayoral administration. She supported six internal service departments, acted as liaison on special issues (including the first formal collaboration involving the philanthropic community) and participated in high impact projects such as the successful Super Bowl XL application and the development of a city-wide performance measurement system. Tina then transitioned to the private sector spending years learning administration/business management processes of self perform contractors and full service construction managers. In 2005 she accepted an offer to become vice president of administration, transitioning a Detroit-based GC into the Vegas-based GC/CM Madison Grace Construction Services. The firm operated several years, servicing various gaming resorts and private developers. In 2009 Tina accepted the position of Business Director, managing the Vegas studio of architectural firm, Hamilton Anderson Associates. From 2010-2014 Tina applied the sum total of her experiences as a consultant (providing stop-gap services ranging from grant writing to board facilitation) as well as full-time staffing (serving as Executive Director to the National Association of Minority Contractors in DC).  She presently works for Tesla, the world’s only integrated sustainable energy company, as its Workforce Development Specialist. Tina lives in Vegas with her husband.