Board of Directors

The Green Advantage Board of Directors defines the organization’s strategic plan, budget, and certification activities. It appoints the Advisory Board, International Green Builder Education Board, the Pre-construction Risk Assessment/Infection Control Risk Assessment Certificate Program Subject Matter Experts, and the Chief Executive Officer. It ensures objectivity and impartiality, and manages conflict of interest throughout the organization. Nominations for the governing Board are submitted to the Executive Committee and elected by the Board of Directors.

Advisory Board

To enhance the direction and expert guidance of Green Advantage, the organization has established an Advisory Board made up of environmental luminaries who significantly influence sustainability causes.

The Advisory Board Includes:

International Green Builder Education Board

The International Green Builder Education Board is responsible for ensuring the integrity, impartiality, and fairness of the standards documented in the Compendium, from which the Green Advantage Certified Associate (GACA) and the Green Advantage Certified Practitioner (GACP) certification exams are drawn. This Board also approves requisites and specifications for the GACA and GACP certification exams and determines target audiences for these certifications. Certification Board members are appointed by the Board of Directors.

* Ex-officio

PCRA/ICRA Subject Matter Experts

Pre-Construction Risk Assessment/Infection Control Risk Assessment Subject Matter Experts oversee the development of Learning Objectives, Training standards and authorization, and Exam development. Below is a list of these Subject Matter experts.

Staff & Consultants

Green Advantage is fortunate to have a dedicated, highly-skilled staff who bring diverse, creative, state-of-the-art planning, implementation, and evaluation activity throughout the work of the organization.

Green Advantage provides rich educational experiences to bachelor and graduate level students from various colleges and universities who are seeking “real-world” experience in spearheading green solutions in the construction industry.