Curtainwall Installer Certification


Green Advantage is pleased to offer its new Curtainwall Installer certification! The Green Advantage Certified Curtainwall Installer (GAC|CI) is a trade-specific certification for construction personnel who install curtainwalls that is ANSI accredited in recognition of its compliance with ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 requirements. Open to both union and non-union personnel from the U.S. and Canada, the GAC|CI includes both written and performance testing that verifies workers’ knowledge, skills, and abilities related to curtainwall installation. Foundational to this credential are green building methods, materials, and best practices. This green foundation is assured through the requisite of Green Builder Certification – either the GACA or GACP. Curtainwall Installer certification exam topics include worker health & safety, installations for disaster resistance, and high performance, cost effective project delivery. The result is a certification that is based upon demonstrated capacity to deliver superior quality curtainwall installation that minimizes the likelihood of deficiencies, defects, or failures.

Why Get Certified?

Let building and design decision makers know that you have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Perform superior curtainwall installation
  • Meet – and exceed – construction sustainability goals
  • Compete in the world market

How to Get Certified?

Just follow these 5 steps.

  1. Understand the Certification Description below
  2. Review our policies
  3. Create a login account and register for the appropriate exams
  4. Download prep resource materials and study
  5. Take the exams

To certify, click here.
To recertify, click here.

GAC|CI™ Certification Description


Certification is ideal for:
  • Experienced glaziers
  • Journeymen and final year apprentice glaziers
  • Curtainwall Installation crew members
Candidacy requirements:
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Present an active driver’s license
  • Pay the exam fee, or have the fee paid by a third party
  • Sign a Curtainwall Installer Registration Agreement for the written exam and for the performance exam
  • Pass the CI written and CI performance exams within the timeframe of the green builder certification, and within 6 months of each other.
  • Candidates who present a US driver’s license, must also present an OSHA10 card before taking the performance exam. For candidates who present a Canadian driver’s license, an OSHA10 card is optional.
  • Hold a green builder foundational certification, either GACA or GACP, as a prerequisite for the curtainwall installer certification. If a curtainwall installer exam candidate already holds either GACA or GACP certification when they take the curtainwall installer written exam and the curtainwall installer performance exam, this requirement has been fulfilled. If the candidate does not hold a current, valid GACA or GACP certification when they sit for the CI written exam, the candidate takes a two-part written exam
  • Part 1 of the written exam is a 1.5 hour green builder foundational exam, either GACA or GACP, per the candidate’s choice. See the GACA/GACP Certification Handbook for more information about these two options, including passing scores.
  • Part 2 of the written exam is specifically focused on knowledge of curtainwall technology and the curtainwall installation process. This is a 1.5 hour written exam, which has a 70% passing score. Candidates who sit for the two-part written test will have a 15 minute break between Part 1 and Part 2.
  • If a candidate takes a two-part exam, and fails one of the two sections, the candidate need only pay for and retake the section that they failed. Once the candidate passes both sections of the written exam, the written exam requirement for curtainwall installer certification is fulfilled.
  • Certification candidates must also pass all tasks in the curtainwall installer performance exam to become certified as a curtainwall installer. This is a 55 minute, hands-on test that is administered in an approved assessment site.
  • A candidate must pass the CI performance exam and CI written exam within their GACA or GACP certification timeframe. Further, the candidate must pass the CI written and CI performance exams within 6 months of each other in order to attain curtainwall installer certification.
Credential awarded: Green Advantage Certified Curtainwall Installer™
Fee: The fee for each written exam and Study Guide is $175:

  • $175 for CI written exam and Study Guide.
  • $175 for GACA or GACP exam with Study Guide.

Or, for best value, take a combined $175 two-part written exam – GACA or GACP and CI with Study Guides.

  • $800 for CI Performance exam.
GAC|CI™ duration: 5 years
GAC|CI recertification:
  • Maintain GACA or GACP certification
  • Retake CI written exam
Credential helps your team qualify for: Bidding preferences or requirements on participating projects.


Review our policies in the GAC|CI Certification Handbook and GA Trademark Usage Guide. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us or 540-822-9449.

Register for individual exam

  1. If you have a GA account with our exam partner (Kryterion), login and complete the registration process. If you do not have a GA account, create one here and then click on Create New Account (upper right of the screen).
  2. Select the version of the exam you wish to take along with the testing site, date, and time.
    • GACA, GACP, and GAC|CI written exams are available as independent electronic exams administered at hundreds of exam centers in the U.S. and Canada ($175 each).
    • The combined GACA or GACP exam and CI written exam is only available in a paper/pencil version, administered in a group ($175/combined exam, see information below about group exam).
    • CI Performance Exam is administered at approved assessment sites in the U.S. and Canada ($800 each).
  3. Read the Registration Agreement and click to acknowledge that you have read and understand it.
  4. Checkout by paying for your exam. You can pay with a credit card or, if your employer or host has sent you a voucher code, enter your voucher code.

Register for group exam

An employer, training organization, union, or other host may arrange for a group exam. This involves a different registration process than the one listed above. If you are part of such a group, you will receive special registration instructions from your exam host. If you have questions about this process, ask your exam host, or contact


Green Advantage offers free resources to help you prepare for your certification exam – and pass!

Green Advantage recommends, but does not require, exam candidates to attend exam preparation training.


The GA Certified Curtainwall Installer™ certification is valid for 5 years. So be sure to keep track of your certification expiration, and don’t forget to get recertified.