Curtainwall Installer Certification Pilot Underway in US and Canada

Three Examinations Required: GACP or GACA + Curtainwall Specific Written Exam + Curtainwall Specific Performance Exam. “Grounded in green” with the GACP or GACA Certification requirement, the Curtainwall Installer Certification for the US and Canada under development by Green Advantage requires passage of a written and performance exam specifically designed to test knowledge, skills and abilities related to quality curtainwall installation. Approximately 100 candidates have now taken the GACA or GACP Exam and the written portion of the Curtainwall Installer Exam. Five mockups have been constructed for the Performance Exam and installed in approved assessment sites in CA, OH, PA, Ontario and British Columbia. Over 20 examiners have been trained and approved for the Performance Exam. Performance Exam administration is expected to begin soon. As with its other personnel certifications, Green Advantage is committed to pursuing the provision of a Curtainwall Installer Certification that meets the “gold standard” of ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation.

Curtainwalls continue to gain prominence as integrated envelope solutions that are essential to creating high performance buildings. Curtainwalls not only ensure optimal daylight transmittance and thermal control, they also impact occupant health and comfort, building security, and disaster resilience. Moreover, Zurich has found that its subcontractor default claims for curtainwall projects are three times the value of similar claims for all other trades; and nearly half of the 11-largest claims stemmed from default on glass or curtainwall projects. Zurich concludes that general contractors struggle to find viable curtainwall companies with access to quality vendors that have appropriate technical skills and resources.