Great News for Veterans!

Green Advantage Credentials Approved for GI Bill® Reimbursement

Eligible Veterans can open new doors to employment in the construction industry by becoming credentialed as a Green Advantage Certified Practitioner (GACP), Green Advantage Certified Associate (GACA) or earning the Pre-construction Risk Assessment/Infection Control Risk Assessment (PCRA/ICRA) Certificate. Reimbursement for the three credentialing exams has been approved by the Veterans Administration — Maryland State Approving Agency for Veterans Education and Training. This approval is effective worldwide. 

Sharpen your knowledge, skills, and abilities in green construction and improve your employment options by becoming Green Advantage Certified!

Go to the VA landing page to see verification of reimbursement for the GACP and GACA exams, and the exam related to the PCRA/ICRA Certificate Program. Follow these directions: click here, type Green Advantage in the L&C Name filter box, type Both in the LAC Category Type filter box and then click submit. You’ll see the eligible credentials displayed. Note that the cost of training related to the PCRA/ICRA Certificate Program is not reimbursed by the VA.

Types of Assistance

As long as you remain eligible, there is no limit to the number of Green Advantage Exams you may take or the number of times you may take the same Green Advantage Exam. And the VA will pay for you to retake the Green Advantage Exams even if you fail them.

Available Benefits

VA pays only the exam costs – $250 for the GACP or the GACA Exam and $200 for the PCRA/ICRA Exam. Reimbursement is issued after you submit proof of payment to the VA. You can request reimbursement for your exam by clicking here. Use this application for benefits along with your request for payment for an exam or exams. You can also mail your application to your nearest Regional Processing Center. Detailed information is available online in the VA Licensing and Certification Pamphlet“GI Bill®” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at