Healthcare Construction and Maintenance Personnel Training and Credentialing

Due to COVID, everyone is aware of the need to control infections. And infection control is particularly important in healthcare facilities.
Construction and maintenance personnel play a vital health and safety role while working in these facilities. Infection control and other risks such as dust, vibration, noise, and utility problems all need to be properly addressed.

So critical are these problems that The Joint Commission, the organization that accredits 80% of the nation’s healthcare facilities, requires pre-construction and infection control risk assessments for all healthcare construction and maintenance activity.

Training and credentialing of construction and maintenance workers can make a big impact on healthcare compliance standards.

Green Advantage offers the only pre-construction risk assessment/infection control risk assessment (PCRA/ICRA) credential offered to all construction personnel in the marketplace:

  • Learn state-of-the-art best practices to reduce risks
  • Protect yourself, your team, patients, staff, visitors, and surrounding communities
  • Prepare and distinguish yourself and your company
  • Take online training on your PC, at your own pace, at home, or at work
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