Important New Year Message from the Chair of the Board

Dear Colleague,

As 2016 dawns, the case for high performance, healthy buildings has never been more compelling.

The urgency we saw at COP21 meetings in Paris, the Pope’s 2015 Encyclical on the environment and human ecology, the DoD’s National Security Report on climate change, the Lancet Commission’s Report on the “medical emergency” resulting from climate change all share one concept. We, everyone on the planet, must move rapidly toward sustainable human activity to assure our species has a future.

Because of its profound impacts on the environment and human health, transforming the built environment is an essential step toward achieving sustainability.

The catalyst to powering that transformation is the people who build our buildings.

This is where Green Advantage can play a key role: bridging the gap between those who design buildings and those who own or occupy a building.

By certifying the men and women of the building trades in sustainable building best practices, Green Advantage, with your participation and support, is prompting this important change to a more sustainable future. This issue of the GAzette showcases examples of this transformation.

Thank you, and very best wishes for the year ahead.


RK Stewart, FAIA, Hon. FRAIC, Hon. JIA, Hon. AIA
Chair of the Board
Green Advantage, Inc.