Industry Leaders Spearhead Creation of Disaster Recovery Construction Specialist Certification

Construction industry representatives during a three-day forum developed the scope, parameters and provisions for a Disaster Recovery Construction Specialist certification. Stressing the need for qualified personnel to be involved in rebuilding efforts following a disaster, the forum was convened by Green Advantage, the International Code Council (ICC), and Antioch University New England Center for Academic Innovation at the American Institute of Architects headquarters in Washington, D.C., to outline the certification. Participating stakeholders from the design and construction industry, academia, and policy applauded the initiative.

The forum resulted in shaping the new Disaster Recovery Certification Specialist certification, along with plans to use the latest technology as a platform for producing and deploying certification testing. Participants also agreed on measurements to improve performance of certified construction personnel.

“Emergency managers throughout the nation could  benefit greatly from being able to hire construction workers who have demonstrated their competencies by achieving an ISO/IEC 17024 accredited Disaster Recovery Construction Specialist Certification,” said Bryan Koon, President, National Emergency Management Association. “The development of this certification should be a top priority for governments and the private sector to better address the ever increasing challenges we face in the wake of disasters.”

Kim Ford, a Katrina survivor and advocate, brought additional perspective and inspiration to the forum’s participants. “Disaster survivors would benefit from a certification to use as a resource tool and guide. A Disaster Recovery Construction Specialist Program could serve as a catalyst to thwart scam artists and thieves that lay wake to prey on the suffering, lack of construction knowledge, and information available in the aftermath of a disaster,” she said.

With the basis for the Disaster Recovery Construction Specialist more fully established, partners and participants will now embark on the next phase by solidifying funding for the implementation of the program.

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