PCRA/ICRA Certificate Program vs. the Competition

The table below compares the Green Advantage PCRA/ICRA Certificate Program with the other major National Healthcare Construction Credential available in the marketplace.

FeaturesGreen AdvantageOther Credential
Type of CredentialCertificate ProgramCertification
Target AudienceWorkers across professions and trades who perform construction and/or maintenance activity in healthcare facilities.General contractors, supervisors, and project leaders who lead healthcare construction projects.
PrerequisitesMinimum Age: 18 years1. Baccalaureate degree or higher + 5 years construction experience*
2. Associate degree + 7 years of associated construction experience*
3. High school diploma or equivalent + 10 years of associated construction experience*

* 5 years of which must have been working on healthcare construction projects, 3 years of management/supervisory/administrative experience, and work experience on healthcare construction projects within the last three (3) years.
* Construction/project management, estimating, planning, marketing, project superintendent or foreman, architect/engineer design, or design and construction position within a healthcare organization.
TrainingRequired: 12 hours authorized asynchronous trainingOptional: 8 hours authorized synchronous training
Exam40 items
90 minutes, proctored online
paper/pencil offered for groups of 10 or more
Available worldwide
115 Items, 120 Minutes Computer Administration: At one of over 200 testing centers or Special Administration: Laptop or Paper/Pencil at select meetings or conferences or
Outside of U.S. upon request
Term of Validity5 years3 years
Ethics RequirementNoneProfessional Standards of Conduct Agreement
Training CostTraining & Exam package: $500 Bulk purchase rate for package: $450Member: $445 | Nonmember: $545
Exam CostTraining & Exam package: $500 Bulk purchase rate for package: $450Member: $400 | Nonmember: $570
Exam Retake Cost$50Member: $400 | Nonmember: $570
Renewal Take updated training and exam1. Successful re-examination no more than 1 year prior to the expiration of the Certification (usual fees and provisions for testing) or
2. Completion of 45 contact hours of eligible continuing professional education over the 3-year period and payment of the renewal fee.