Credential Maintenance Program

“It was very important for me to maintain my Green Advantage Certification, especially given the tight market conditions in our industry.  This certification has helped our company win work and improve our overall image in the industry.”

George Felici, Senior Project Construction Manager
Freedom Enterprises, Inc.

The green building field is dynamic and ever-changing. New research, lessons learned in the field, and a practitioner base committed to continuous improvement are all leading to new and improved green construction methods and materials that significantly impact efficiency, safety, and project risk. That’s why it’s so important to stay up-to-date by maintaining your GA certification.

Staying current and maintaining your certification is easy! You can either take and pass the most current version of the GACP® or GACA® exam or take approved courses through the Credential Maintenance Program.

To recertify through testing follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account and register for an exam
  2. Download prep resource materials and study
  3. Take and pass the exam

If you’d prefer to take courses instead of taking the most current version of the exam follow this link to the Credential Maintenance Program.

Don’t forget, the GA Certified Associate™ certification is valid for 5 years and the GA Certified Practitioner™ certification is valid for 5 years. So be sure to keep track of your certification expiration through your dashboard.

The exam fee is reduced by $50 if you register and pay prior to your expiration date.  Submit a request for reduced certification renewal exam fee here.

Need more information? Please see the GACA/GACP Certification Handbook.