Tips for Preparing to Take an Exam

Use Green Advantage Exam Preparation Materials 

Green Advantage offers the following exam preparation materials for each exam:

Exam Overviews

This important preparation resource is posted on The purpose of each Exam Overview is to acquaint you with the topics that are covered on each exam. Each Overview also has sample questions for that exam. The overviews can also help you decide which exam is right for you.

Study Guides

Green Advantage publishes a Study Guide for each exam. The associated Study Guide is sent to you when you register for the exam. Exam questions are drawn from this Study Guide, so it is a very important document for you to read and thoroughly review.

The Study Guide is not designed to replace training, but it will assist you in preparing for your certification exam. If you register online, you receive the associated Study Guide attached to your registration confirmation email. If you do not register online, you should receive a Study Guide through the organization that is registering on your behalf well in advance of your exam date. If your exam date is approaching, and you have not received your Study Guide, please contact Green Advantage for assistance at

Stagger Your Study Schedule

Stagger your study time to review what you have learned, identify gaps, and revisit materials.

Shop Smart: Tips for Finding an Exam Preparation Training

Candidates for GACP® or GACA® Certification are not required to take training. However, Green Advantage recommends training in preparation for the exam.

Green Advantage (GA) does not provide, endorse, or sponsor trainings. Instead, GA focuses its energies on maintaining the integrity and relevance of Green Advantage Certification and on providing useful benefits to those certified.

Some third-party training organizations choose to list their trainings on the GA website. Visit for more information on trainings.

When considering training offerings, keep the following shopping tips in mind:

Match the Training with the Exam

Be sure that the training you select is designed to prepare you for the specific type of GA Exam you plan to take, either the GACP or GACA exam.

Consider the Faculty

Check the trainer’s qualifications. Make sure the trainer is a certified Green Advantage Practitioner (GACP). These trainers have demonstrated their personal ability to pass a Green Advantage Exam. In addition, learn whether your trainer has relevant construction experience. The quality of your training experience may relate to the trainer’s experience as an educator. Be proactive, ask about the trainer’s educational experience and if they have other qualifying credentials.

Ask about Pass Rates

Trainers may have offered training in preparation for Green Advantage exams in the past. If so, the Exam pass rates of those past classes may relate to the quality of training. If applicable, request information from the trainer you are considering. Ask about pass rates of earlier trainees.


Determine whether the training course is offered or sponsored by a reputable organization.

Advice from Other Trainees

Seek the advice of others who have taken the training you are considering.

Maintain your Focus During Training

While taking training, do not multi-task. Instead, focus entirely on the training material. Be an active participant; ask questions and engage actively in the experience.