PCRA/ICRA Certificate Program Overview

Certificate Program is for:Workers across trades who perform construction/deconstruction activity in healthcare facilities:
• Construction Workers
• Apprentices
• Journey Workers
• Tradespersons
• Property Restoration Personnel
• Construction Supervisors
• Environmental Services Management
• Infection Prevention Control Team Members
• Maintenance Personnel
• Safety Personnel
• Facility Managers 
Course focuses on:Determining and complying with Pre-Construction Risk Assessment/Infection Control Risk Assessment protocols and best practices for healthcare facility construction and maintenance.
To attain a Certificate, you must:Attend 12 hours of GA-authorized training and pass the exam after completing the training.
Training Delivery and Instructional Qualifications:The Training Manual and asynchronous training were developed by two educational instructors, Maruja Torres-Antonini, PhD, and Matthew Sweirtz, MS, NCIDQ. The PCRA/ICRA Certificate Program is overseen by the Green Advantage National Healthcare Construction Credentialing Board.

The asynchronous training is divided into 16 modules. A section of the Training Manual will be read to you and illustrations will be reviewed as a part of each module. A few questions are at the end of each module. Once the questions are answered correctly, you will advance to the next module. The training can be taken at your own pace. For example, you can take the training in one day or one module a day for 16 days.
Exam administration/length/format:PCRA/ICRA exams are administered online through remote live proctoring after a registrant completes training.

There is 90-minute exam time limit with 40 multiple-choice questions.
Exam retakes; price and terms subject to change:Exam retakes cost $50. Upon request from any candidate who fails the exam, Green Advantage provides a listing of concepts to emphasize in the training manual review that are based upon the exam items scored incorrectly.
Fee for 12 hours of asynchronous online training, Training Manual & exam: prices subject to change$450/person

TIME LIMITED DISCOUNT: During the month of October for any purchase of three or more vouchers at a time, the PCRA/ICRA 12-hour online training, training manual, and online exam will be $25 off per registrant. So, instead of $450/person, the price will be $425/person. Registrants have 6 months from the date of voucher purchase to complete the 12-hour training and take the exam, including any exam retakes.  To purchase vouchers for a group of people please contact ces@greenadvantage.org

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Time limit for completion of the training, the exam, and exam retakes:Once registration (includes payment or use of a voucher code) is made, you have six months from the date of payment to complete the training and take the exam, including exam retakes.
Term of Validity of Certificate:Certificates are valid for five years from the date that they are earned.