Updated Study Guides Ensure State-of-the-Art Builder Competencies

Greater Emphasis on Health and Safety – Disaster Resistance/Resilience – PCRA – Robotics/Artificial Intelligence – Security/Blast Resistance

For more than a year, the 21 members of the International Green Builder Certification Board have diligently labored to update the international standards upon which both the Green Advantage Certified Practitioner (GACP) and the Green Advantage Certified Associate (GACA) exams are based.  All GACP and GACA exams now require familiarity with their respective, updated Study Guide.

The updated Study Guides contain valuable approaches, methods, and best practices that will help prepare construction personnel to bring greater value to any commercial or residential construction project – green or conventional.
As in the past, the competencies presented in the Study Guides are applicable across trades, results-oriented and compatible with multiple green building rating systems, standards and codes. Some of the areas emphasized in the updates are:

Health and Safety issues that are particular to green building.

□  How to avoid fall, laceration and repeat motion injuries.
□  Identifying and mitigating airborne hazards.
□  Using microplastics and nanomaterials.

Disaster resistance/resilience.

□  Preventing wildfire, flooding, wind, and seismic damage.
□  Fortifying buildings.
□  Promoting passive survivability.

Pre-construction risk assessment and infection control

□  Identifying and using protective measures.
□  Preventing transmission of fungi, bacteria, and viruses.
□  Routing workers, staff, patients, and visitors.


Robotics and artificial intelligence. (GACP Guide only)

□  Recognizing opportunities for 3D printing.
□  Understanding capabilities of robots.
□  Using automated machinery and drones.

Building security and blast protection.

□  Promoting the four physical protection strategies.
□  Sorting options for new construction vs. renovation.
□  Complementing green building concepts with security concerns.

We trust you will find the new Study Guides an exciting opportunity for sharpening your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Any comments you may have to improve the Study Guides in the future are always welcome.

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