For Training Providers


Green Advantage welcomes individuals and organizations interested in providing GACP and GACA exam preparation trainings. We offer free resources to help trainers deliver successful trainings, and we list training providers’ contact information on our website as a resource for exam takers.

While we do not require examinees to take exam prep trainings, we highly recommend that they do so. And to help them select appropriate trainings, we provide Tips for Finding an Exam Preparation Training.

As a training provider, it is important for you to note that Green Advantage does not offer GACP or GACA certification trainings. These are offered by independent providers. Also, training in preparation for the GACP or GACA exams is optional and not required

Get Started

Offering GA prep trainings is simple and easy!

  1. Review prep resource materials below.
  2. Take the GACA or GACP exam.
  3. Develop curricula and training presentation.
  4. If arranging a group exam, send an email to to schedule the exam at the completion of your training and study period.
  5. Hold your training.


All individuals and organizations offering GA preparatory trainings must comply with the Green Advantage Trademark Usage Guide.

The GA exams, website, Study Guides and other materials as well as policies and procedures continually improve and are subject to change at any time by Green Advantage.


To help training providers hold successful trainings, we are pleased to offer the following materials. We strongly encourage all trainers to thoroughly study them so that they may properly prepare curricula and deliver effective trainings.

Please bear in mind that the most effective preparation is taking the GA exams and getting

To have your training organization listed as a resource for GA prep training on our website, please email your contact and training information to  If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email us at or call us at (540) 822-9449. We encourage your inquiries and input!